Export your data from your existing electronic Logbook program into a .csv .xls .xlsx .txt or any other file type which can be opened in Excel (or other spreadsheet program) Logten Pro .txt file (Reports -> Exporters -> Export Flights (Tab) Open the .txt file you just exported in Excel or whichever spreadsheet program you […]

Version 3.0 has the same layout as Version 2.0, so all you need to do is highlight all of your Entries and paste them into the new logbook. You will also need to Add New Aircraft Types the same way that you added them in Version 2.0

In order to copy the data from the old original V1.0 version, it must be copied in 3 steps. This must be done BEFORE adding any new aircraft types, else you may encounter several other errors. In V2.0, the Cross Country columns are unfortunately no longer included. Instead, they are replaced by the new Duty […]