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"Thank you so much Max, it looks great! Amazing customer service too, I will highly recommend!" ★★★★
Charter Pilot
"For the last 5 years I have been logging using an excel spreadsheet that I created myself but it doesn't have the formulas to keep track on currency, duty time etc. Thank you for your help. " ★★★★
A320 Captain
"I'm an Apache Helicopter flight instructor and this is perfect. Thanks for your work!" ★★★★★
Military Flight Instructor
"Excellent customer service" ★★★★★
Charter Pilot
"I have tried a few other electronic logbooks and, honestly, all of them have problems, in my opinion. I definitely appreciate your customer service which is about the best I’ve ever experienced. Thank you" ★★★★★
"I really like the customization capability of it, as many pilots keep track of additional pertinent flight information specific to their occupations. Great job!" ★★★★★
First Officer
"Thank you Max. Great logbook. Love using it. Cheers." ★★★★★
"This logbook is a great idea for your increasingly digital life." ★★★★
Private Pilot
"So far, it is the best spread sheet I have ever seen. I made a few changes to the spread sheet, so it feels like a real logbook. I froze the top header and the first column so that it is easier to see and manipulate the spread sheet (as per your tip). I think it was a well spent $50.00. Thanks" ★★★★
Charter Pilot
"I switched from LogtenPro (didn't like how expensive the yearly subscription was) to this and love it. Westjet Airline Pilot, B-737 Canada." ★★★★★
737 First Officer
"Amazing product for the cost. Only critique I would add would be the ease of adding new custom columns to the spreadsheet for Mac users. I downloaded my spreadsheet in 2016 so maybe the fix has been done but that is my only gripe.. AMAZING PRODUCT" ★★★★
Flight Instructor
"Simple and easy to use log book. Does all the add ups in a simple spreadsheet providing immediate totals. Great as a back up for the ‘official’ log book." ★★★★★
Aircraft Owner
"Very good logbook. Easy entry of data and a friendly user interface. Very well done." ★★★★
Private Pilot
"I switched to this from some of the more expensive app-based electronic logbooks that require subscriptions and have never looked back. It's brilliant!" ★★★★★
A320 First Officer
"It's so easy to use. You can smash through weeks of updates in no time, even if you don't know how to use Excel! Love it" ★★★★★
Q400 Captain
"I was a satisfied Safelog customer for years but quit using their product in 2014 when they changed from device-based software to a Cloud-based system. Due to security concerns I refuse to allow my personal information and data to be stored on or accessed by the Cloud, so I looked elsewhere for logbook software. Your Excel-based logbook is one of the few PC/device-based alternatives available in today’s Cloud Obsessed market. Thanks ★★★★
"Just a note to let you know your spreadsheet is GREAT! I'm working with it in Open Office and have been able to customize the cells to make the program/spreadsheet perfect for my use. Thanks for developing this great tool!" ★★★★★
Retired Bush Pilot
"I have flight time in both NZ and Australia so, am using your CASA logbook to record ICUS properly. I find the logbook easy to use and well presented. Great product all in all! Cheers" ★★★★
Seaplane pilot
"Your logbook is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to stay clear of LogTen Pro and was planning on making something myself in Excel. I’m reasonably competent at it but when googling for ideas on how to format it all I found your option, which made my life easier and seems well worth the $$." ★★★★★
Charter Pilot
"Perfect! Thank you again, can’t think of anyway to improve on it. It definitely meets my needs." ★★★★★
US Army Pilot

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