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"So easy to use. Great Dashboard for quick reference to important data." ★★★★★
Flight Instructor, NZ
"Great product, perfect format. Easy to use and modify to suit all your tailored needs." ★★★★★
Air Ambulance Pilot
"Love this product! I have been looking for a simple, but well thought out electronic logbook and this is it! I like the Excel format and data entry is very easy. In my opinion, it doesn't get better." ★★★★★
Private Pilot
"The product is amazing, great layout and simple to use, I'm really enjoying using it." ★★★★★
C208 FO, Indonesia
"Thank you for your help been using the product over a year now and love it." ★★★★★
First Officer
"This is by far the best solution out there for new-generation professional pilots who want to want to keep an electronic logbook. You can stay up to date across all mobile or computer devices using selected cloud services. I love being able to access my logbook anywhere just through Excel and have it sync automatically. I came from Logten Pro and this much easier to use, as well as being cost effective. Highly recommended" ★★★★★
"A nifty application that does what it says on the tin!" ★★★★★
"Thank you so much Max, it looks great! Amazing customer service too, I will highly recommend!" ★★★★★
Charter Pilot
"For the last 5 years I have been logging using an excel spreadsheet that I created myself but it doesn't have the formulas to keep track on currency, duty time etc. Thank you for your help. " ★★★★
A320 Captain
"I'm an Apache Helicopter flight instructor and this is perfect. Thanks for your work!" ★★★★★
Military Flight Instructor
"Excellent customer service" ★★★★★
Charter Pilot
"I have tried a few other electronic logbooks and, honestly, all of them have problems, in my opinion. I definitely appreciate your customer service which is about the best I’ve ever experienced. Thank you" ★★★★★
"I really like the customization capability of it, as many pilots keep track of additional pertinent flight information specific to their occupations. Great job!" ★★★★★
First Officer
" It’s perfect. I didn’t want anything complex with a lot of drop down menus and preset way of organizing things. This logbook is an excellently organized and simple solution to organizing my hours. I always know what I have. Exactly what I was looking for." ★★★★★
"This logbook is a great idea for your increasingly digital life." ★★★★
Private Pilot
"So far, it is the best spread sheet I have ever seen. I made a few changes to the spread sheet, so it feels like a real logbook. I froze the top header and the first column so that it is easier to see and manipulate the spread sheet (as per your tip). I think it was a well spent $50.00. Thanks" ★★★★
Charter Pilot
"I switched from LogtenPro (didn't like how expensive the yearly subscription was) to this and love it. Westjet Airline Pilot, B-737 Canada." ★★★★★
737 First Officer
"Amazing product for the cost. Only critique I would add would be the ease of adding new custom columns to the spreadsheet for Mac users. I downloaded my spreadsheet in 2016 so maybe the fix has been done but that is my only gripe.. AMAZING PRODUCT" ★★★★
Flight Instructor
"Simple and easy to use log book. Does all the add ups in a simple spreadsheet providing immediate totals. Great as a back up for the ‘official’ log book." ★★★★★
Aircraft Owner
"Very good logbook. Easy entry of data and a friendly user interface. Very well done." ★★★★
Private Pilot
"I switched to this from some of the more expensive app-based electronic logbooks that require subscriptions and have never looked back. It's brilliant!" ★★★★★
A320 First Officer
"It's so easy to use. You can smash through weeks of updates in no time, even if you don't know how to use Excel! Love it" ★★★★★
Q400 Captain
"I was a satisfied Safelog customer for years but quit using their product in 2014 when they changed from device-based software to a Cloud-based system. Due to security concerns I refuse to allow my personal information and data to be stored on or accessed by the Cloud, so I looked elsewhere for logbook software. Your Excel-based logbook is one of the few PC/device-based alternatives available in today’s Cloud Obsessed market. Thanks ★★★★
"Just a note to let you know your spreadsheet is GREAT! I'm working with it in Open Office and have been able to customize the cells to make the program/spreadsheet perfect for my use. Thanks for developing this great tool!" ★★★★★
Retired Bush Pilot
"I have flight time in both NZ and Australia so, am using your CASA logbook to record ICUS properly. I find the logbook easy to use and well presented. Great product all in all! Cheers" ★★★★
Seaplane pilot

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