Freeze Logbook Headings


How to keep the Logbook Headings/Column names at the top when scrolling through the Logbook Entries page.

Step 1

Scroll to the top of the Logbook Entries page and click the first cell beneath the headings, one cell to the right of where the logbook finishes (ie. cell “AK4” in the FAA example).

Step 2

“Window” -> “Freeze Panes”

The Headings will now be frozen in place when you scroll down through your entries


    • cole.schwerin
    • June 5, 2018

    My excel looks slightly different than your images. I either have a newer or older version, but I found that I could not scroll left or right after following your directions to freeze the top two rows. Instead, I selected the entire row of the first logbook entry and froze that, and now it works to scroll left and right but still keep the headings in view when I scroll down.

      • Max
      • October 23, 2018

      Hi Cole, thanks very much for your comment. Yes, your way would work better on smaller screens 🙂

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