Importing from other Logbook Programs


Export your data from your existing electronic Logbook program into a .csv .xls .xlsx .txt or any other file type which can be opened in Excel (or other spreadsheet program)

Logten Pro

  • .txt file (Reports -> Exporters -> Export Flights (Tab)

Open the .txt file you just exported in Excel or whichever spreadsheet program you use.

Copy and paste each column from your .txt file into your logbook.

    • Brett
    • March 27, 2017

    Hi guys I note that the spreadsheet in the dashboard will not give me a total hours in the column and also will not give me the number of flights on that aircraft type. Can you assist at all?

      • Max
      • March 27, 2017

      Hi Brett, send your logbook through to us via email and we’ll have a look at what may be causing the issue. Thanks

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