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Excel Pilot Logbook is a universally accessible format for life, editable, and easily customized. Put it on Google Drive, and it’s in the cloud and backed-up for free. Even if you don’t want to go full digital (and continue to use your paper logbook), it’s still a good idea to have a backup.

No subscriptions – yours for life!

Excel Pilot Logbook
No expensive Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions
100% Ownership of your data
View in any Web Browser (optional)
100% Yours to keep for life, guaranteed
FeaturesExcel Pilot LogbookPaper Logbook
Price$45 USD one-time fee$10.95 – $29.95 USD / per logbook
Unlimited EntriesYes
Sync between Mobile DevicesYes
View in any Web Browser (using Google Sheets)Yes
Take-off / Landing CurrencyYes
IFR CurrencyYes
Signatures for Certificates/Endorsements (see our work-around here)Yes
No SubscriptionsYesYes
No Forced Cloud-sharingYesYes
100% Ownership of your dataYesYes
100% Yours to keep for life, guaranteedYesYes
Life-Time Cost (over 40 years)$45 USD$10.95 – $29.95 USD / per logbook

“You can still have a fully-functioning electronic pilot logbook, without paying hundreds of dollars each and every year.”

Trusted by 4,000+ Pilots.

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  1. Download logbook template

    Get instant access to download your logbook spreadsheet to your computer.

  2. Enter Previous Experience

    Create 1 logbook entry per Aircraft Type then continue logging one entry per flight as per normal.

  3. OR Summarise Experience

    Create 1 logbook entry for your total hours, then continue logging one entry per flight as per normal.

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  • “I purchased the Excel pilot logbook to convert my paper logbooks to electronic versions. This was the best product for my needs and works great. ★★★★★
  • Cessna C185
    “"Excel"lent product! So far, it's been very user-friendly and simple. I'm early in the process of transferring my paper logs, but I think it will turn out great! ★★★★★
  • Boeing 757
    “Thank you for your prompt assistance and also thanks for the awesome work you put into giving us a sensible and realistically priced alternative to the other options out there. It is appreciated. ★★★★★
    First Officer
  • Boeing 787 cockpit
    “Compared to the other solutions out there, what you offer is simple, intutitive, and not overly complicated. Plus, I use excel a lot so it's a natural extension of my own skills★★★★★
    First Officer
  • A380
    “Both versions for the Mac are great, Numbers have the extra benefit of being a free download from Apple. Thanks ★★★★★
    First Officer
  • “Had an issue with IFR currency on the dashboard, it was fixed in minutes! Great service and an excellent program. ★★★★★
    CRJ-200 FO
  • “Great Product. I had a question regarding the formatting of the spreadsheet, and within minutes, I had an answer from the support team. ★★★★★
    Corporate Pilot
  • “I too hate subscription-based logbooks. The only one that is nice is LogTen, all the others are horrible or they require gymnastics to fill them properly. But LogTen has two HUGE problems: almost $150 per year and ONLY Mac & iOS. Sucks. After huge research and a lot of tryouts, the Excel logbook solution is the only one really cost-effective, fully customizable and really cross-platform. Nice job! ★★★★★
  • “Great Support! I needed help with the program a few days after I downloaded it. They were super fast at getting back to me and helping me with my issue! ★★★★★
    First Officer
  • “Thanks again for all the help. As I get deep into inputting my 25+ years of flying into the spreadsheet, I'm sure I'll have more questions. I really am impressed by your quick response time and great customer service, I'll be sure to make sure I relay that on for others to see. ★★★★★

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