Pilot Logbook – This Is The One You Should Get! – Jeppesen Logbook

Pilot Logbook – This Is The One You Should Get! – Jeppesen Logbook

If you are a pilot, then you know how vital your flight hours are. The number of hours you have flown directly correlates to your experience as a pilot, so it is important to keep track of how long you take on every one of your flights. But, how do you conveniently and quickly log your flight hours? When you use pilot logbook software, like the Jeppesen Logbook, calculating and recording all of your essential flight hours becomes more manageable than ever.

Keeping track of all of the critical details surrounding being a pilot can already be challenging. But, if you choose to use well-designed and easy to use digital software like the kinds offered by Excel Pilot Logbook, your work life can become much more stress-free.

So, how do digital pilot logbooks work, and why should you use them over traditional forms of keeping track of your flight hours?

What Are Pilot Logbooks And Why Should I Get One?

To put it simply, a pilot logbook is a record of an individual pilot’s flight hours. These logs also have information such as every flight the pilot has ever flown, the number of landings they have made, their flight time and more.

Although some pilots are used to recording all of this information manually with pencil and paper, there are plenty of digital options for you to choose from in today’s modern world of technological innovation. Pilot logbook spreadsheets, like the Jeppesen logbook, are available for pilots all across the globe.

Pilots worldwide have been utilising this fantastic software for their flights, and many have found that digital logbooks have saved them time and made their jobs a bit easier. After inputting your initial data and getting your logbook set up, this remarkable system can automatically calculate a lot of needed information.

Plus, when you have your essential information saved digitally, you can have all of it at your fingertips. Instead of worrying about losing physical paperwork or documents, you can rest easy knowing that all of your information is secure and ready for you to access.

How Can The Jeppesen Logbook Help Me?

The Jeppesen logbook offers an array of unique features that you will surely find helpful in your life as a pilot. Some of these incredible qualities are as follows:

Excellent Compatibility. This pilot logbook is compatible with several different Windows and Mac OS programs. Two of these programs are Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Your data will remain backed up and safe when you get your information and logbook synced into the Cloud.

Recency Monitoring. With all of your information kept safely in your pilot logbook, you will be able to view your statistics. This information includes your total landings, total take-offs and even landings for every type of aircraft you have flown.

FAA IFR Proficiency. This logbook lets you track holding patterns and Instrument Approach Procedures, or IAP. With these essential details tracked, you can be sure that you are keeping up with your 6-month currency. Additionally, this spreadsheet also keeps track of the date that your IFR currency expires.

Advanced Filtering Options. We all know that sometimes finding a specific bit of information can be challenging and frustrating. However, with the Jeppesen logbook’s advanced filtering options, you will be able to find anything you need with ease. In addition, you can sort by several different criteria to quickly find the particular data you are looking for.

Printable For Physical Copies. Even though having your information stored digitally is very convenient and safe, sometimes it is also good to have physical copies. Luckily, this logbook is printable into Jeppesen format.

Highly Customisable. This pilot logbook is an excel spreadsheet, which means that you will be able to customise the spreadsheet to your liking. For example, you could modify the headings, add or delete rows and columns or even add more aircraft varieties.

Access Your Logbook Through Your Mobile Phone. Because this logbook is compatible with programs like Google Sheets, you will be able to view and connect to your information through your smartphone. This easy access can be very convenient when you would like to check your data on the go.

Where Can I Get An Incredible Pilot Logbook For Myself?

If those wonderful features sound helpful, then the Jeppesen logbook may be perfect for you! At Excel Pilot Logbook, we are proud to provide pilots worldwide with amazing systems that will keep your data manageable and secure.

To speak to our team about our excellent logbooks, please get in touch.

When you purchase a pilot logbook program from us, you will only need to pay a single fee – there will be no monthly or yearly subscription bills sent your way! Record your flights simply and conveniently with Excel Pilot Logbook.

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