Syncing Logbook with iPad, iPhone and Android


Step 1

Sign up to one of the popular file-sharing applications and download the free App onto your iPhone, iPad and/or Android device.
→ iCloud Drive
→ Google Drive
→ Dropbox

Step 2

Once you have placed your order on our website, download and save the logbook onto your laptop or desktop computer.

Step 3

Upload the logbook file to the file-sharing application where you can then view/edit the logbook from any device.

    • Nhoj
    • April 30, 2018

    It appears that it will not download straight onto an iPad although no indication of this was given on the website. The guide doesn’t open until you have an account and yet you can start a download as soon as you complete the purchase. I attempted the download on my iPad and when it did not correctly download I attempted to refresh the page and was then told that I had run out of download

      • Max
      • April 30, 2018

      Hi Nhoj, that’s correct, files are unable to be saved onto an iPad directly from a website. Apologies, we will make necessary adjustments to make this more clear in the future. You’ll need to download onto your computer and then transfer from there. I have just reset your download limit so you should be able to access a new copy (from your account on our website as the link in your email will no longer work). If you have any further troubles please get in touch through the Support tab – we’d be more than happy to help. Thanks

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