Professional pilot logbook spreadsheet

The perfect electronic pilot logbook with many automatic calculations, hour summaries and currency features.
"A simple and easy alternative to expensive pilot logbook software."
Works with

Aircraft Load Sheet

Weight and Balance calculator for all types of light aircraft.

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Automatic Calculations

Automatic Centre of Gravity Graph


Aircraft Maintenance

Monitor status, items due, alerts, defects and flight logs.

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Status report

Maintenance alerts

Squawks/ Defects

See what other pilots have to say...

"I switched to this from some of the more expensive app-based electronic logbooks that require subscriptions and have never looked back. It's brilliant!"
A320 First Officer
"It's so easy to use. You can smash through weeks of updates in no time, even if you don't know how to use Excel! Love it"
Q400 Captain
"Just a note to let you know your spreadsheet is GREAT! I'm working with it in Open Office and have been able to customize the cells to make the program/spreadsheet perfect for my use. Thanks for developing this great tool!"
Commercial Pilot
"I have flight time in both NZ and Australia so, am using your CASA logbook to record ICUS properly. I find the logbook easy to use and well presented. Great product all in all! Cheers"
Seaplane pilot
"Your logbook is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to stay clear of LogTen Pro and was planning on making something myself in Excel. I’m reasonably competent at it but when googling for ideas on how to format it all I found your option, which made my life easier and seems well worth the $$."
Charter Pilot
"Perfect! Thank you again, can’t think of anyway to improve on it. It definitely meets my needs."
US Army Pilot
“Plenty of customizable features and very handy functions that I use on a daily basis. After numerous searches and wasted time online trying to find something useful, this one is a winner.”
Second Officer
“The most easy to use computer based logbook that I have come across. Excel Pilot Logbook is by far the best out there and considering how cheap it is, well worth it.”
Flight Instructor