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With Excel Pilot Logbook, you get a far more affordable and enduring logbook compared to LogTen Pro. It’s a universally accessible format that’s editable, easily customised and yours for life.

That means no subscriptions, whether monthly or yearly. Your logbook is 100% yours to keep for life guaranteed. You get 100% ownership of your data, viewable in any web browser.

Put your logbook on Google Drive, and it’s in the cloud and backed up – for free.

No subscriptions

We charge a one-time fee only. No subscriptions. No exceptions.

100% your data

No forced cloud-sharing or backups held hostage.

Life-time licence

The logbook is yours for life. Guaranteed.

Online access

Optionally upload your logbook to Google Sheets to access in any web browser.

Best Logbook App

Experience an incredible range of fantastic features and benefits compared to LogTen Pro when you choose Excel Pilot Logbook. No more worrying about the cost of a yearly subscription plan when all you have to pay is a single, one-time fee.

You’ll also get unlimited entries, the ability to sync between mobile devices and view your logbook in any web browser using Google Sheets.

Input take-off and landing currency and IFR currency, too. No forced cloud sharing and total ownership of your data – you won’t get that with LogTen Pro. 

Best of all, you could save an incredible $5,154.60 USD over 40 years. Now that’s an investment worth making.

Excel Pilot Logbook offers you a fully functional, electronic pilot logbook with automatic calculations and features – all for a fantastic, highly affordable, one-off price.

FeaturesExcel Pilot LogbookLogTen Pro by Coradine
PlaniPhone + iPad + Mac
Price$45 USD one-time fee$129.99 USD / per year
Unlimited EntriesYesYes
Sync between Mobile DevicesYesYes
View in any Web Browser (using Google Sheets)Yes
Take-off / Landing CurrencyYesYes
IFR CurrencyYesYes
Digital Signatures for Certificates/Endorsements (see our work-around here)Yes
No SubscriptionsYes
No Forced Cloud-sharingYes
100% Ownership of your dataYes
100% Yours to keep for life, guaranteedYes
Life-Time Cost (over 40 years)$45 USD$5,199.60 USD

“You can still have a fully-functioning electronic pilot logbook, without paying hundreds of dollars each and every year.”

An Excellent LogTen Pro Alternative

Any pilot knows that nearly everything in flying is measured in hours, and this includes your experience.

In many places, you might be required to have trained for a certain number of hours before you’re allowed to take the test of your flying skills. You also usually need to have met a minimum number of hours to do an instrument rating, become an instructor and on. 

Many countries also place restrictions on what you can and can’t do based on your experience. And proof of flying time isn’t just required by legislation. You usually need to meet a minimum hourly requirement to rent a plane as well.

The issue is probably apparent – you need a place to log these hours. 

That’s why every pilot, no matter their experience level or certification, must maintain a logbook. It’s an indispensable diary of your training, career and solo journeys. It records where you’ve flown, whom you’ve flown with, your flight hours, the number of landings you’ve undertaken, the kind of plane you flew in and much more.

It’s not just a vital accompaniment to any job interview – after years in the air, looking back through your logbook will mean going back over your memories, challenges and growth. That’s why knowing what belongs in your logbook and keeping it regularly updated is essential if you want to establish yourself as a responsible pilot.

Because your logbook is such an essential part of your time in the skies, making sure you choose the proper format – whether you’re using a physical book, a digital interface or a combination thereof – is essential.

While paper logbooks like the famed Jeppesen Pilot logbook are the traditional choice of most pilots, digital logbooks are becoming increasingly popular alternatives due to their convenience, automatic calculation functions and Cloud-compatible storage. That means that if you happen to lose your book or your computer crashes, you won’t have to worry about all your hard work and careful records becoming lost.

As a pilot, you’ll be using your logbook throughout your flying career. That’s why we recommend choosing a high-quality option that will help you stand the test of time without breaking the bank in the process. LogTen Pro is a popular choice, but with annual fees to pay, the high price tag might be putting you off.

Excel Pilot Logbook is an excellent alternative. With only a single, one-off payment, you get access to an exceptional, spreadsheet-based, fully functional logbook. You’ll get unlimited entries, access to the latest version wherever you use Google Sheets and 100% ownership of all of your flight data. Excel Pilot Logbook offers you excellent support, better privacy and peace of mind about how you fly.

We’ve even put together a few handy tips on making the most of your logbook. Just read on to discover them.

Start Logging Right From The Beginning

Your early logbooks are likely to be disorganised – that’s inevitable as you learn the process. But we recommend learning to log your flights in a professional way from day one. 

As your logbook is a legal document, you must make sure that yours is legible, organised, signed and totalled correctly. If you’re planning on using a paper copy in the cockpit, we recommend using an excellent electronic logbook alongside it to save time. 

Choose one that you can export or sync to an online server so that your records stay backed up and accessible at all times. The last thing you want is to try to remember flights from long ago because your hard drive has crashed.

Don’t Go DIY

As tempting as it might be, don’t try to format your own spreadsheet. Self-made electronic logs can be full of errors and inaccurate information, and their less professional appearance may create the wrong impression when you apply for jobs as a pilot. Use a dedicated, reputable logbook application instead. 

Write Carefully

Don’t try to rush through your records or fit them in when you’re busy. By taking the time to concentrate as you fill in your entries, you’ll make fewer mistakes, saving you time down the line. 

Remember to sign every page and always put your signature in pen. We recommend only using blue or black pens for your logbook entries. 


The Excel Pilot Logbook is one of the best apps for monitoring your flight times and keeping your currencies accessible. Don’t wait to get started. Just click here to get started with a great new system designed for pilots like you and keep better track of your time in the air today. 

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Get instant access to download your logbook spreadsheet directly to your computer.

Export Logten Pro data

Reports -> Exporters -> Export Flights (tab). Save the .txt file and open it with Microsoft Excel.

Import hours

Copy and paste each column from your LogTen Pro .txt file into your Excel Pilot Logbook.

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