Hi, we’re Excel Pilot Logbook

Like-minded folks making useful and enduring aviation products.

It all started with
a Trial Flight — 2007

Excel Pilot Logbook started out as a fairly rudimentary spreadsheet, with a single sheet for logbook entries – something simple enough to track my hours, while working towards my Private Pilots Licence.

An idea becomes a budding
hobby business — 2012

The basic logbook spreadsheet was shared among friends and quickly became a popular tool. Over the years of feedback and day-to-day use, new formulas were added, additional features integrated and eventually the first professional version was uploaded to www.excelpilotlogbook.com.

Professional business – 2016

A full re-development of the logbook took place and the company was officially incorporated in February, 2016 – Excel Aviation Limited.

Growing, growing, growing…

Continually improving with new updates released regularly. Nowadays, we’ve been reviewed as one of the most popular Electronic Logbook solutions. In a market full of Apps and Subscriptions, we stand out by offering enduring products where pilots get their value-for-money.

We’re always looking for Ambassadors

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