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Frequently Asked Questions


The logbook is designed to be used with Microsoft Excel, however, it is also compatible with these other programs listed here:

iPhone, iPad or Android?

Yes! It is compatible with several Apps on Apple and Android devices.

App Store
Excel App
Numbers for iOS App
Google Sheets App (free)
Google Play
Excel App
Google Sheets App (free)

Sync logbook?

Yes! If you keep the spreadsheet file in Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or any other app which allows you to sync files to your computer, this will ensure it is backed up and accessible on multiple devices.

Import from existing logbook?

Yes! You can import your flights from Logten Pro as well as any other logbook program, so long as you can export to a .txt or .csv file (or any other spreadsheet format), you will be able to easily copy and paste your data into our logbook.

Easy to use?

Yes! No knowledge or skills with formulas or complex tasks are required – the logbook does all of the hard work for you.

Subscription or update fees?

No. We only charge a one-time payment for the logbook, which is then yours to keep forever. There are no monthly, yearly or any type of subscription fees.

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