Aircraft Maintenance Logbook

Excel Aircraft Maintenance Logbook

Aircraft maintenance spreadsheet for aircraft owners.

The best self-managed Maintenance Tracking Software. Easily monitor your aircrafts maintenance status, see items due, alerts, flight logs and plan scheduled maintenance. Designed for all types of aircraft and perfect for Private or Part-owners.

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Excel Pilot Logbook
Numbers Pilot Logbook
Apache Open Office

Maintenance Status Report

View a summary of the aircrafts current hours, next inspection due, recent hours flown, average fuel consumption, oil added and other information prudent to your aircrafts operation.

Excel Aircraft Maintenance status report
Aircraft Maintenance alerts spreadsheet

Aircraft Maintenance Alerts

Add an unlimited number of maintenance items and view the number of days, hours or cycles remaining until these are due (automatically calculated and colour-coded).

Aircraft Flight Logbook

Digitise your aircrafts flight / technical log and keep a record of each flight. Monitor average fuel and oil consumption and tally up number of passengers, landings and more.

Aircraft Flight Logbook
Excel Aircraft Squawks and defects

Maintenance Squawks / Defects

Record any aircraft defects or unserviceable items and keep other pilots updated about the aircrafts condition.


Set the due time for maintenance items based on Airframe TTIS, Engine 1, Engine 2, Propellor 1 or Propellor 2.

Custom Aircraft Maintenance spreadsheet
Pilot Logbook App

Sync aircraft logbook with mobile

Access your aircraft logbook anywhere, for free, with free apps like Google Sheets. All of your new flight entries will automatically be saved and backed up in the Cloud 24/7.

Google Sheets is like an online, free version of Excel. Use your maintenance spreadsheet online in any web browser, iPad, iPhone or Android device with the free App (optional).

Web Browser access

Logon to the Google Sheets website in your Web Browser and upload your file to access your Aircraft Maintenance Online.

Google Sheets App

iPhone and Android Apps give you free access to your Aircraft Maintenance spreadsheet on any mobile device – even when there’s no internet connection.



Excel Aircraft Maintenance Logbook comes with multiple tabs within the same spreadsheet:

Overview, Items Due, Aircraft Flight Log, Squawks and Settings tabs.

<—– Scroll the logbook below left/right to view all columns —–>

The blue table above represents the Aircraft Flight Log Headings which are based on the ASA Aircraft Flight Log (the design may differ slightly). All heading names are customizable. You can also add new Custom Columns.

The ASA Aircraft Flight Log

With a comprehensive range of categories allowing you to track your flights in great detail, ASA logbooks are beloved by aircraft owners and experienced engineers alike.

Keeping an aircraft logbook is more than just a practical convenience – it’s a legal necessity for any aviation professional. But because there are no FAA regulations about how logbooks need to be laid out, aviators face an almost overwhelming range of options to choose from.

The ASA Aircraft Flight Log has long been one of the most popular choices for recording your flight details.

With our digital spreadsheet, you get all the benefits of this time-honoured format as well as the advantages of digital convenience.

Our spreadsheet allows you to record the same flight specifics, including:

  • Year
  • Date
  • Category
  • Pilot
  • PAX
  • Flight Notes
  • Landings
  • Fuel used
  • Calculates Fuel burn rate
  • Oil added
  • Trip time
  • Running Total time
  • + Customizable blank columns

TRusted by 6,000+ pilots

Fellow aircraft owners rate it ★★★★★ 4.6 / 5.0

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Disclaimer: unfortunately, the Aircraft Maintenance Logbook does not automatically calculate night hours.

$139 per year $55 USD lifetime-license

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