Glider Excel Pilot Logbook

Professional Pilot Logbook spreadsheet template in universal format for Glider Pilots. Featuring automatic calculations, hour summaries and currency tracking – the perfect electronic backup pilot logbook.

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Excel Pilot Logbook

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Excel Pilot Logbook
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Google Sheets Free
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Libre Office
Excel Pilot Logbook Flight Hour Summaries

Flight Hour Summaries

All hour totals are automatically calculated and summarized for each aircraft type e.g. single engine in command, dual, multi, as well as all of your custom hours.

Recency Monitoring

Takeoffs and Landings in the past 90 days (customisable) are automatically calculated for each aircraft type to help keep you current.

IFR Currency

Recent IFR Approaches and hours in the last 3 months (customisable) are summarized for a quick view of your currency status. The logbook will even tell you what date you are legally IFR current until.

Flight & Duty

Monitor daily, weekly and monthly Flight and Duty hour limits (customisable) with easy-to-read color-coded summaries, which alert you of any impending restriction violations.


Easily add multiple new aircraft types, change column names or add new columns to track particular hours, and edit flight/duty hour limits, along with their color alert levels.

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Sync logbook with mobile devices – backed-up 24/7

Use your Excel Pilot Logbook online with free apps like Google Sheets, so you can access anywhere. Any changes you make are automatically saved and backed-up in the Cloud 24/7.

Google Sheets is like an online, free version of Excel. Use your pilot logbook online in any web browser, iPad, iPhone or Android device with the free App (optional).

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Web Browser

Login to Google Sheets website (free), access your Pilot Logbook online and keep it backed-up in the Cloud 24/7.

Google Sheets App

iPhone and Android Apps give you free access to your Pilot Logbook spreadsheet on any device.

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  • “Great Support! I needed help with the program a few days after I downloaded it. They were super fast at getting back to me and helping me with my issue! ★★★★★
    First Officer
  • “Thanks again for all the help. As I get deep into inputting my 25+ years of flying into the spreadsheet, I'm sure I'll have more questions. I really am impressed by your quick response time and great customer service, I'll be sure to make sure I relay that on for others to see. ★★★★★
  • “Great product with great support when needed to sort any issues, highly recommend to fellow pilots. ★★★★★
    AS350 Pilot
  • “I switched to this from some of the more expensive app-based electronic logbooks that require subscriptions and have never looked back. It's brilliant! ★★★★★
    A320 First Officer
  • “Your logbook is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to stay clear of LogTen Pro and was planning on making something myself in Excel. I’m reasonably competent at it but when googling for ideas on how to format it all I found your option, which made my life easier and seems well worth the $$. ★★★★★
    PC-12 Pilot
  • “Love this product! I have been looking for a simple, but well thought out electronic logbook and this is it! I like the Excel format and data entry is very easy. In my opinion, it doesn't get better. ★★★★★
    Private Pilot
  • “Great product, perfect format. Easy to use and modify to suit all your tailored needs. ★★★★★
    Air Ambulance Pilot
  • “The easiest-to-use computer-based logbook that I have come across. Excel Pilot Logbook is by far the best out there and considering how cheap it is, well worth it. ★★★★★
    Flight Instructor

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