Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook

Jeppesen Excel Pilot Logbook

Jeppesen Logbook spreadsheet for US Pilots

With automatic summaries, currency, IFR proficiency, limitations monitoring and a customisable Jeppesen format, the Excel Pilot Logbook is the perfect platform for tracking and recording your flight time and details.

Overall rating ★★★★★ 4.6 / 5.0 from 7,240+ downloads

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Our professional Excel Pilot Logbook spreadsheet is based on the famed Jeppesen pilot logbook designed for US pilots. It’s an excellent way to keep track of your flight times and hours in a convenient, familiar format.

Best of all, with a single, one-time fee and no monthly or yearly subscription charges, it’s one of the most affordable digital logbooks on the market.

The Excel Pilot Logbook is compatible with a wide range of Windows and Mac OS software, including Excel and Google Sheets. That means that you’ll be able to keep your logbook synced with the Cloud, ensuring that all that precious information is backed up and safe at all times.

You’ll no longer have to worry about lost records or missing information when you use the Excel Pilot Logbook Jeppesen professional pilot logbook spreadsheet.

Jeppesen Logbook

Our professional spreadsheet automatically calculates and summarises both your Jeppesen logbook and custom hours for every type of aircraft. This includes PIC, SIC, single-engine land, helicopter, actual instrument and more. 

Default logbook headings are set up as per the Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook format.

Excel Pilot Logbook Flight Hour Summaries
Excel Pilot Logbook Landing Currency

Recency Monitoring

Calculate and view your total landings and take-offs, including landings for every individual aircraft type. It’s never been easier to keep track of your 90 day landing currency than with the Excel Pilot Logbook.

FAA IFR Proficiency

Excel Pilot Logbook allows you to track both Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) and holding patterns. That way, you can be confident that you’re maintaining your 6-month currency.

Our spreadsheet even calculates the date when your IFR currency expires, so you know exactly how long you’re legally current for.

FAA Pilot Logbook IFR Currency
Excel Pilot Logbook Flight and Duty

FAA Flight & Duty Limits

Monitor your total Flight Time, Duty Hour Limits, the number of days worked and other customizable limitations with ease. The Excel Pilot Logbook even allows you to customise your green, orange and red color codes. That way, you’ll know immediately if you violate any fatigue limitations. 

FAA 8170-1 form

Automatically populate a flight hours summary for FAA licence applications. The printable table is compatible with the FAA Form 8710-1, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application form.

FAA Pilot Logbook
Excel Pilot Logbook Flight Hour Summaries

Advanced Filtering

Easily Sort and Filter Flights by specific Date, Aircraft, Registration, Category, custom text and more! The Advanced Filter function enables you to define multiple criteria in order to deeply analyse your flights.

Calculating hours since your last medical is also a breeze.

Print Jeppesen Logbook

Easily print your Excel Pilot Logbook into the Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook format. Print up to 2 pages at a time.

Pilot Logbook PDF.pdf

Customizable pilot logbook template

Custom Jeppesen Professional Logbook Template

Because our Pilot Logbook is an excel spreadsheet, you’ll be able to change whatever you’d like. Modify the Jeppesen logbook headings, add or delete columns, add more aircraft types or even customize flight and duty hour limitations along with color alert levels.

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Pilot Logbook App

Sync pilot logbook with mobile

Access your Excel Pilot Logbook anywhere with free apps like Google Sheets. Any new flight entries are automatically saved and backed up in the Cloud.

Google Sheets is like an online, free version of Excel. Use your pilot logbook online in any web browser, iPad, iPhone or Android device with the free App (optional).

Web Browser access

Logon to the Google Sheets website in your Web Browser and upload your file to access your Pilot Logbook Online – it’s safely backed-up in the Cloud 24/7.

Google Sheets App

iPhone and Android mobile Apps give you free access to your Pilot Logbook spreadsheet – even when there’s no connection.



Excel Pilot Logbook comes with multiple tabs within the same spreadsheet:

Logbook Entries, Dashboard, Reports, FAA 8710-1 Form, Print and Settings tabs.

Scroll the logbook table (below) to the right to view all columns

1/1/21 C172 N123AB 0.7 0.7
1/1/21 B58 N146WA 2.3 2.3
6/3/21 A320 N987ZY 4.8 4.8

The blue table above represents the Logbook Headings which are based on the Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook. All heading names are customizable. You can also add new Custom Columns.

The Jeppesen Pilot Logbook

With a comprehensive range of categories allowing you to track your flights in great detail, Jeppesen logbooks are beloved by student pilots and experienced professionals alike.

Keeping a logbook is more than just a practical convenience – it’s a legal necessity for any aviation professional. But because there are no FAA regulations about how logbooks need to be laid out, aviators face an almost overwhelming range of options to choose from.

The Jeppesen Pilot Logbook has long been one of the most popular choices for recording your flight details.

With our digital spreadsheet, you get all the benefits of this time-honoured format as well as the advantages of digital convenience.

Our spreadsheet allows you to record the same flight specifics, including:

  • Year
  • Date
  • Aircraft Make and Model
  • Aircraft Identity
  • Flight Route
  • Total Flight Duration
  • Aircraft Category and Class
  • Landings (by Day and Night)
  • Flight Conditions
  • Flight Simulator
  • Type of Piloting Time
  • Remarks and Endorsements
  • + Customizable blank columns

TRusted by 7,000+ pilots

Fellow American pilots rate it ★★★★★ 4.6 / 5.0

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– Aaron, Airline Captain

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I too hate subscription-based logbooks. The only one that is nice is LogTen, all the others are horrible or they require gymnastics to fill them properly. But LogTen has two HUGE problems: almost $150 per year and ONLY Mac & iOS. Sucks. After huge research and a lot of tryouts, the Excel logbook solution is the only one really cost-effective, fully customizable and really cross-platform. Nice job!★★★★★

– Matt, Captain

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I switched to this from some of the more expensive app-based electronic logbooks that require subscriptions and have never looked back. It’s brilliant!★★★★★

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We design extremely complex Excel spreadsheets for crime analysis, so I have hundreds of hours of Excel work under my belt. Now that I’ve started ground school for private pilot training, I was going to quickly slap together a flight log sheet that replicated the functionality of a paper log, and also tracked the things I cared about.

When I found your sheet, however, I realized that I didn’t need to.

You’ve done an excellent job creating a clear, intuitive interface and visualizing important information in an accessible way. I pulled it into Google Sheets, not only because I wanted to keep it in the cloud, but also because I wanted to track a couple of things related to my training  separately (e.g. hours with a CFI).

I was very impressed with how clean and elegant your formulas are.

An effective spreadsheet is a thing of beauty. You’ve done a fantastic job! If you want a quote from me that you can use from marketing, feel free to use anything from this e-mail.

Warm regards,

C. Joshua Villines
Executive Director
The Human Intelligence Group

The Right Professional Logbook

Every good professional logbook needs sufficient space where you can record your flight times. Logbooks that are too small will fill up too quickly, which could mean spending on costly replacements.

Because the Excel Pilot Logbook offers you unlimited entries, you can rely on it no matter how frequently you fly. It will be a trusted companion throughout your piloting career, whether you’re only going on weekend recreational flights or working full-time as a professional airline pilot.

Take down the key details in the cockpit itself before transferring them into your digital copy once you’re back on the ground. Or use the (free) Google Sheets app and input your times directly into your Excel Pilot Logbook.

The traditional Jeppesen logbook is beloved for its exceptional durability – and our spreadsheet takes that to the next level. The Excel Pilot Logbook is a blank template. Because it’s electronically based and can be synced to the Cloud, you’ll never need to worry about losing your Excel Pilot Logbook becoming lost or damaged, no matter what happens to your bags in transit.

Your data is kept safer than ever before while remaining secure and 100% yours. You’ll get a neat, clean presentation of all your flight information, whenever and wherever you need it.

Disclaimer: unfortunately, the Excel Pilot Logbook does not automatically calculate the Night time portions of your flights (between sunset-sunrise).

$129 per year $45 USD lifetime-license

Our radically affordable one-time fee will save you thousands. No subscriptions. No exceptions.

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