Aircraft Load Sheet Calculator

Aircraft Load Sheet Spreadsheet

Aircraft Weight & Balance Spreadsheet

Weight and Balance calculator for all types of aircraft. This generic template includes many useful automatic calculations, conversions and a large CoG graph for a quick view of your aircraft’s loading.

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Maximise Aircraft Utility

Experiment with various loading configurations and see a visual representation of the aircraft’s envelope on Takeoff and Landing and throughout your flight to ensure you remain within flight manual limitations.

Aircraft Load Sheet
Aircraft Weight & Balance

Instant Calculations

Enter weight details for each of your passengers, baggage and cargo to easily calculate your Zero Fuel Weight, Takeoff Weight and Landing Weight. Red and green colours quickly alert you if you are under or overweight.

Print and Sign

As it is a typical spreadsheet, you also have the freedom to print and sign your load sheet for your own records.

Aircraft Trim Sheet
Aircraft Loading Spreadsheet


Easily configure the load sheet for your specific aircraft type with reference to your aircrafts flight manual.

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Sync Load Sheet with mobile

Access your Aircraft Load Sheet anywhere with free apps like Google Sheets. Any new flight entries are automatically saved and backed up in the Cloud.

Google Sheets is like an online, free version of Excel. Use your Aircraft Weight & Balance online in any web browser, iPad, iPhone or Android device with the free App (optional).

Web Browser access

Logon to the Google Sheets website in your Web Browser and upload your file to access your Aircraft Trim Sheet online – it’s safely backed-up in the Cloud 24/7.

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iPhone and Android Apps give you free access to your Nav Log spreadsheet on any mobile device – even when there’s no connection.



Aircraft Load Sheet and Settings tabs.

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Disclaimer: unfortunately, the Aircraft Load Sheet is not suitable for larger, complex aircraft with 15 or more stations (“stations” meaning, for example; front row, second row, baggage row 1, baggage row 2 etc).

$49 per year $25 USD lifetime-license, no subscriptions.

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