Aircraft Load Sheet Calculator

Weight and Balance calculator for all types of aircraft.
Includes many useful automatic calculations,
conversions and a large CoG graph
for a quick view of your
aircraft's loading.

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Works with
Numbers for Mac
Google Sheets Free
Apache Open Office
Libre Office
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Maximise aircraft utility

Experiment with various loading configurations and see a visual representation of the aircraft’s envelope on Takeoff and Landing and throughout your flight to ensure you remain within flight manual limitations.

Instant calculations

Enter weight details for each of your passengers, baggage and cargo to easily calculate your Zero Fuel Weight, Takeoff Weight and Landing Weight. Red and green colours quickly alert you if you are under or overweight.

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Easily configure the load sheet for your specific aircraft type with reference to your aircrafts flight manual.

Print and sign

As it is a typical spreadsheet, you also have the freedom to print and sign your load sheet for your own records.

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iPad, iPhone and Android

Access your load sheet on your computer, web browser, iPad, iPhone and Android device with the free Google Sheets App available on the App store & Google Play.

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