CAD Hong Kong Pilot Logbook

Hong Kong CAD Excel Pilot Logbook

Pilot Logbook spreadsheet for Hong Kong Pilots.

Professional spreadsheet template in CAD format for Hong Kong Pilots. Featuring automatic calculations, hour summaries and currency tracking – the perfect electronic backup pilot logbook.

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Flight Hour Summaries

All hour totals are automatically calculated and summarized for each aircraft type e.g. single engine in command, dual, multi, as well as all of your custom hours.

Default logbook headings are set up as per the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) Pilot Logbook format.

Excel Pilot Logbook Flight Hour Summaries
Excel Pilot Logbook Landing Currency

Recency Monitoring

Takeoffs and Landings in the past 90 days (customisable) are automatically calculated for each aircraft type to help keep you current.

CAD IFR Currency

Recent IFR Approaches and hours in the last 3 months (customisable) are summarized for a quick view of your currency status. The logbook will even tell you what date you are legally IFR current until.

FAA Pilot Logbook IFR Currency
Excel Pilot Logbook Flight and Duty

CAD Flight & Duty

Monitor daily, weekly and monthly Flight and Duty hour limits (customisable) with easy-to-read color-coded summaries, which alert you of any impending restriction violations.

Customizable template

Easily add multiple new aircraft types, change column names or add new columns to track particular hours, and edit flight/duty hour limits, along with their color alert levels.

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Customizable pilot logbook template
Pilot Logbook App

Sync pilot logbook with mobile

Access your Excel Pilot Logbook anywhere with free apps like Google Sheets. Any new flight entries are automatically saved and backed up in the Cloud.

Google Sheets is like an online, free version of Excel. Use your pilot logbook online in any web browser, iPad, iPhone or Android device with the free App (optional).

Web Browser access

Logon to the Google Sheets website in your Web Browser and upload your file to access your Pilot Logbook Online – it’s safely backed-up in the Cloud 24/7.

Google Sheets App

iPhone and Android Apps give you free access to your Pilot Logbook spreadsheet on any mobile device – even when there’s no connection.



Excel Pilot Logbook comes with multiple tabs within the same spreadsheet:

Logbook Entries, Dashboard and Settings tabs.

Scroll the logbook table (below) to the right to view all columns

Date Aircraft / Simulator PIC Co-pilot or Student Holder’s Operating Capacity Depart. Arrive. Remarks Day Flying Night Flying Instrument Other Take-
Type Reg. From Time To Time
Instrument Flying
Non. Prec. Approaches
Precision Approaches
Custom 1
Custom 2
Custom 3
Custom 3
Custom 5
20/06/18 C150 DMG Self HKG 0835 HKG 0925 0.8

The table above represents the Logbook Headings which are based on the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) regulations (the design may differ slightly). All heading names are customizable. You can also add new Custom Columns.

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So easy to use. Great Dashboard for quick reference to important data. ★★★★★

– Edward, Flight Instructor NZ

777 pilot
Boeing 777

Plenty of customizable features and very handy functions that I use on a daily basis. After numerous searches and wasted time online trying to find something useful, this one is a winner. ★★★★★

– Sebastian, Second Officer

A320 Pilot Logbook

I switched to this from some of the more expensive app-based electronic logbooks that require subscriptions and have never looked back. It’s brilliant!★★★★★

– Tom, A320 First Officer

SR22 pilot

Love this product! I have been looking for a simple, but well thought out electronic logbook and this is it! I like the Excel format and data entry is very easy. In my opinion, it doesn’t get better.  ★★★★★

– Richard, Private Pilot

Disclaimer: unfortunately, the Excel Pilot Logbook does not automatically calculate night hours.

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