Aircraft Maintenance Tracker

Easily monitor your aircrafts maintenance status, see
items due, alerts, flight logs and plan scheduled
maintenance. Designed for all types
of aircraft and perfect for
Private or Part owners.

Aircraft Maintenance Tracker Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.7 based on 27 reviews
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Works with
Numbers for Mac
Google Sheets Free
Apache Open Office
Libre Office
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Maintenance Status Report

View a summary of the aircrafts current hours, next inspection due, recent hours flown, average fuel consumption, oil added and other information prudent to your aircrafts operation.

Maintenance Alerts

Add an unlimited number of maintenance items and view the number of days, hours or cycles remaining until these are due (automatically calculated and colour-coded).
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Aircraft Flight Log

Digitise your aircrafts flight / technical log and keep a record of each flight. Monitor average fuel and oil consumption and tally up number of passengers, landings and more.

Maintenance Squawks / Defects

Record any aircraft defects or unserviceable items and keep other pilots updated about the aircrafts condition.
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As the software is an Excel Spreadsheet, you can print and keep paper records of your aircraft flight log and maintenance reminders.


Set the due time for maintenance items based on Airframe TTIS, Engine 1, Engine 2, Propellor 1 or Propellor 2.

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Excel Pilot Logbook Sync ipad iphone android

Sync with iPad, iPhone and Android

Access your Maintenance log on your computer, web browser, iPad, iPhone and Android device with the free Google Sheets App available on the App store & Google Play.

Demo pages
Overview Items Due Flight Log Squawks Settings


Items Due

Flight Log



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Monitor your Aircraft Maintenance Online with other tools like Google Sheets

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Google Sheets is free to use on any web browser, so you can access your Online Aircraft Maintenance and keep it backed-up in the Cloud 24/7.

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Google Sheets App for iPhone and Android gives you access to your Aircraft Maintenance Spreadsheet on any device.

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It's super easy to get your spreadsheet setup online and with the App. Best of all - it's free!


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