Pilots, don’t take-off with a Logbook App

Paper logbooks are annoying. But every logbook app is a subscription? NEGATIVE.

No subscriptions
100% your logbook for life
Excel Pilot Logbook

Paper logbooks are annoying

But every logbook app is a subscription? 


Effortlessly maintain a logbook app like a professional without spending thousands

Excel Pilot Logbook

Credentials: 6 years in business. ATPL (A), Bachelor of Aviation.


Social Proof: Review from The Human Intelligence Group.

GODFATHER OFFER: No subscriptions. Lifetime license. One-time fee.

BONUSES: FREE VFR NAG LOG (Valued at $19). 12 months free updates. 



Guarantee: If this isn’t the simplest and easiest solution, we will happily refund you 100%. No risk, no worries.


P.S. this product isn’t for everyone. Pilots should only download the Excel Pilot Logbook if you want to save money on subscriptions and are happy without all of the bells and whistles. Remember, no excel or programming skills are required.

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Works with
Excel Pilot Logbook
Numbers Pilot Logbook
Apache Open Office
Electronic Pilot Logbook

Perfect for anyone who wants a digital pilot logbook

Excel Pilot Logbook is the most durable and future-proof electronic pilot logbook available.

It’s a universally accessible format for life, editable, and easily customized. Put it on Google Drive (or any other file-sharing app), and it’s in the cloud and backed up for free.

Flight Experience Reports
Colour-coded recency
T/O & LDG Currency
Flight & Duty Limits
IFR Proficiency
FAA 8710 Report
Print-out pages


It’s a turbo-charged Excel spreadsheet. You can change whatever you like. Show/hide columns, create custom fields etc.

Easy to use

‘No need for advanced Excel knowledge or any manipulation of complex formulas. Designed with novice users in mind.

Sync with mobile

Google Sheets is a free, online version of Excel. Login to any web browser to use your pilot logbook online or use the (free) Sheets App on mobile.

No subscriptions

We charge a one-time fee. You 100% own your data and it’s your logbook for life. No exceptions.


Trusted by over 7,000+ pilots from all over the world. Rated ★★★★★ 4.6 / 5.0

PC-12 Pilot Logbook

Your logbook is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to stay clear of LogTen Pro and was planning on making something myself in Excel. I’m reasonably competent at it but when googling for ideas on how to format it all I found your option, which made my life easier and seems well worth the $$.


– Matt, PC-12 Charter Pilot

A350 pilot

It’s perfect. I didn’t want anything complex with a lot of drop-down menus and preset way of organizing things. This logbook is an excellently organized and simple solution to organizing my hours. I always know what I have. Exactly what I was looking for. 


– Charlie, Airline Captain

King Air Logbook

I too hate subscription-based logbooks. The only one that is nice is LogTen, all the others are horrible or they require gymnastics to fill them properly. But LogTen has two HUGE problems: almost $150 per year and ONLY Mac & iOS. Sucks. After huge research and a lot of tryouts, the Excel logbook solution is the only one really cost-effective, fully customizable and really cross-platform. Nice job!


– Ryan, Private Pilot

787 aviation logbook

This is by far the best solution out there for new-generation professional pilots who want to want to keep an electronic logbook. You can stay up to date across all mobile or computer devices using selected cloud services. I love being able to access my logbook anywhere just through Excel and have it sync automatically. I came from Logten Pro and this much easier to use, as well as being cost-effective. Highly recommended.


– Aaron, Captain

Cessna Pilot Logbook

Start logging flights smarter today.