Free Navigation Flight Log

Excel Flight Planner for VFR and IFR pilots. Automatically calculates wind corrections, TAS, heading, groundspeed and takes care of your fuel planning. Professional and
easy-to-use printable template.
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Canada Excel Pilot Logbook

Works with Excel, Numbers, LibreOffice, OpenOffice & the free Google Sheets App

Excel Navigation Flight Log - automatic calculations

Automatic calculations

The Flight Planner automatically calculates your Wind-corrected Heading, Groundspeed, EET, Leg Fuel and Fuel Remaining.

Printable flight log

As it is a typical spreadsheet, you also have the freedom to print the Navigation Flight Log for in-flight use. Alternatively, you can print a blank flight log and use it as a template to fill in manually.

Printable Excel Navigation Flight Log
Excel Navigation Flight Log - Customisable


Easily configure the Navigation Log to suit your requirements. Rename, modify, delete or add new columns, change the colours and more! The Excel Spreadsheet is yours to use.

Fuel Planner

Automatically calculates Leg Fuel and Fuel Remaining so you can compare and record en-route fuel checks. Fuel Planner Displays Minimum Fuel Required, Surplus Fuel and Total Endurance.

Printable Excel Navigation Flight Log
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iPad, iPhone and Android

Access your Nav Log on your computer, web browser, iPad, iPhone and Android device with the free Google Sheets App available on the App store & Google Play.

Navigation Flight Log

Navigation Flight Log

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