Lost Pilot’s Logbook – What should you do?

Lost Pilot’s Logbook – What should you do?

If you are a pilot, you know just how essential your pilot logbook is. Your logbook is a record of your past flights and is a wonderful way to keep a record of your experiences as a pilot. And not only that, but logbooks are also a valuable asset when you are looking for a new job related to flying.

Essentially, your logbook is a handy little record of all of your experiences and flight hours. With your trusty logbook, you have proof of all you’ve done.

But, what happens if you lose your logbook? Because it’s such an important document, losing or accidentally damaging your book beyond repair can bring trouble.

So, if you lose your own pilot logbook, what should you do?

What Do I Do If I Lose My Logbook?

When you reach for your familiar logbook, only to realize that it is missing, you may start to panic. Of course, these nervous feelings are natural, but it is always best to stay calm in the face of an issue. Once you have thoroughly searched your belongings and are absolutely certain your logbook is lost or destroyed, you will need to start the process of recreating your log.

In some cases, the lost logbook may be found and returned to you as soon as possible. But, if this does not happen or isn’t possible, different actions will need to be taken.

Fortunately, there are procedures set in place for when a pilot misplaces, loses or accidentally destroys their important pilot logbook. Lost logbooks. To really get the correct information for your specific company or organization, you should contact the right people as soon as you can.

Using past records of older flights and other forms of official documentation, your logbook may be able to be recreated so you can start again. Your company should have flight records for every flight you have flown, so these records may be used to help you put together your logbook again.

Hopefully, using the records kept by other people regarding your flights, you should be able to fully recreate your lost logbook. However, it is also crucial for you to know that trying to falsify or make up a new logbook could result in a suspension or other repercussions.

How Do I Prevent Losing My Logbook In The Future?

Clearly, recreating a lost pilot logbook is no easy task. Once you have your new logbook, you will want to know exactly how to prevent a loss in the future. If you make sure to prepare and take the proper precautions, you will hopefully never lose your logbook again.

There are plenty of ways you can prevent a lost logbook. Lost logbook – what should you do? Naturally, you should always keep your own logbook in a safe and secure place. When you don’t need to take it with you, you could keep it in a secure location like a safe. Then, when you need to have it on you, you should always keep it in a location where you know it’ll be secure, and you can check on it when you need it.

Additionally, keeping backups or copies of your book is also a fantastic idea. That way, even if your original logbook is ever lost or damaged beyond repair for whatever reason, you will have a convenient copy available.

However, by far, the very best way to prevent a lost logbook is to start using digital logbook software. After all, you can’t lose digital software that is securely backed up and saved online.

The Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook is digital software that is absolutely perfect for US pilots who want to make sure that their data is safe and easily accessible whenever they need it. Jeppesen Professional Pilot Logbook.

This excellent software is affordable, easy to use and outstandingly beneficial. When you make the switch from pencil and paper logbooks to conveniently digital logbooks, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

With this digital software, you won’t have to worry about problems like keeping your book in a safe place or what you’ll do if you lose it because all of your data will stay secure online.

Where Can I Find Excellent Digital Logbook Software That Will Improve My Life?

At Excel Pilot Logbook, we are proud to offer our incredible digital logbook software to pilots who want to conveniently digitize their logbooks. Our wonderful programs can help you focus on your job without worrying about a little book that could get lost or misplaced. For your convenience, we have software tailored to many different countries so you can select a program that is perfect and familiar to you. Pilot Logbooks.

We understand that if you’re used to traditional paper and pencil logbooks, changing to a digital version of what you’re familiar with may be awkward. So, if you have any more thoughts or questions about how to use a digital logbook yourself, get in touch with us.

Never lose your essential logbook again with help from us at Excel Pilot Logbook.

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