Pilot Logbooks – Why You Need One

Pilot Logbooks – Why You Need One

A pilot logbook is a safe and secure place for you to store and keep track of your official flight documentation, which includes proof and data that confirm you meet current aviation standards and requirements. A pilot logbook is also a dependable place where you record your flying hours and the specifics of where you have flown, including:

  • Your flight time.
  • The number of landings you have made.
  • The types of instrument approach you have made – these include the series of predetermined maneuvers you have made in transferring your aircraft from the beginning of your flight through to the landing. 
  • The hours of your simulator time – these are important as they count towards your training.

Accurately keeping track of this data is legally required in most countries, and we would recommend you review your government’s aviation legislation. While manual entries for your flying hours have traditionally been documented on pen and paper or make-shift spreadsheets, the evolution of digital technology now means that there are secure logbook software programmes readily available for your record keeping.

Why A Digital Logbook Is Important

Your logbook is a vital record of your flying hobby or career. It is important because it holds the unique details of where you have been, who you have flown with and the direction you took. The data and documentation your logbook holds are crucial for your personal accreditation and your overall safety in the air.

By digitally backing up the data of your logbook, you can effectively organise, plan and manage the history of your flights and the maneuvers you have made. Digital pilot logbooks create a clear and concise administration system that offers you an easy alternative for transferring and accessing information between devices. 

Aside from providing you with a digital platform for storing your flight data, what else can a digital logbook offer you?

Improved Safety

Having a digital logbook offers another level of safety to your flying, they do this by enabling seamless correspondence between you and other pilots in the air and on the ground. By accurately inputting the specifics of your flight into a secure software system and having it accessible on multiple devices, you lower the risk of error and miscalculation. For example, if you and a friend were flying two separate planes to the same destination, the details of both your journeys would be readily available for analysis and inspection if one of you didn’t make it to the destination. 

With safety at the forefront of all air flight, digital logbooks provide you with an additional method of protection, providing you with peace of mind while up in the sky. 

Superior Security

Consolidating all of your flight data into an easy to manage software platform is one of the best things you can do for the security of your information. While paper logbooks may appear easy to manage and cheap to purchase, a digital platform can offer you an array of benefits, including the ability to download your information onto the cloud for indefinite storage and preservation and access to your data across multiple devices. 

Designed For Pilots

The adaptability within the interface of digital logbook software programmes means that you can access and input your flight data with ease and peace of mind. With paper log booking, it’s easy to make errors, miss entries and mismanage differing flight paths, but through using user-friendly digital pilot logbooks these costly errors are eliminated and risk is averted. 

By being user-friendly and digitally designed with the pilot in mind, Excel Pilot Logbooks will help you to avoid mistakes, so you can focus more on flying. 

Why You Need Excel Pilot Logbook

Now that we have established what a pilots logbook is and why a digital platform is a superior method of data storage and backup, the next step is taking a look at the products and services on offer for pilots all over the world. While personal and commercial requirements can vary, there are key services we would recommend you look for, these specific components will ensure you are investing in the best software package for your business: 

  • Universal compatibility with Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, OpenOffice and Libreoffice. 
  • The ability to incorporate several logbooks in one piece of software, this will ensure accuracy and complete sync of your data. 
  • Access from mobile devices and tablets, making your data easy to manage and accessible wherever you are. 
  • Safe and secure backup systems, this will ensure your private data is stored for future access and use.
  • A fully customisable platform, this will guarantee you are enlisting the services of a software system that is built for your needs and requirements.
  • A simpler and easier alternative to your spreadsheet or written logbook, using a software system must offer you more benefits than doing it on your own.
  • No subscriptions, this expensive alternative can end up costing you more money in the long run. 
  • Proven in its function, make sure you are investing in software that is trusted and used by others in the industry. 

Want To Know More?

At Excel, we know pilots and we specialise in logbook software that is easy to use and secure in its format. With our software being used and trusted by over 6,000 pilots, we are proud to be recognised as industry leaders. 

Our pilot logbook ticks all the boxes we have discussed today and much more. If you have any questions about the services we offer for pilots all around the world, get in touch with our friendly team by sending us an email to support@excelpilotlogbook.com, we would love to hear from you. 

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