FAA Pilot Logbook

Professional spreadsheet template in Jeppesen/ASA format for American Pilots. Featuring automatic calculations, hour summaries, and currency tracking - the perfect electronic backup pilot logbook.
FAA America Excel Pilot Logbook
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Excel Pilot Logbook Flight Hour Summaries

Flight Hour Summaries

All hour totals are automatically calculated and summarised for each aircraft type e.g. single engine in command, dual, multi, as well as all of your custom hours.

FAA Currency Monitoring

Takeoffs and Landings in the past 90 days (customisable) are automatically calculated for each aircraft type to help keep you current.

Excel Pilot Logbook Currency Monitoring
FAA Pilot Logbook IFR Currency

FAA IFR Currency

Recent IFR Approaches and hours in the last 90 days are summarised for a quick view of your currency status. The logbook will even tell you what date you are legally IFR current until.

FAA Flight & Duty Hour limits

Monitor your daily, weekly and monthly Flight and Duty hour limits with easy-to-read colour coded summaries which alert you of any impending restriction violations.
Excel Pilot Logbook Flight and Duty
Excel Pilot Logbook Customisable


Easily add multiple new aircraft types, add new columns to track custom hours and edit flight/duty hour limits along with their colour alert levels.

Reports and print-outs

Create custom experience summaries and view detailed reports for Insurance Companies as well as Job and Licence Applications.

Excel Pilot Logbook Reports and Printing
Excel Pilot Logbook Sync ipad iphone android

Sync with iPad, iPhone and Android

Access your logbook on your computer, web browser, iPad, iPhone and Android device with the free Google Sheets App available on the App store & Google Play.

Demo pages
Logbook Entries Dashboard Settings

Logbook Entries

FAA America Excel Pilot Logbook Entries


FAA America Excel Pilot Logbook Entries



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